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“WOW, just WOW!

This is by far the best light made for Ghost Hunters with Night Vision Cameras. The distance and Perimeter are wonderful. The different light settings sets it apart from other lights..I can now carry just the one light.  I am able to go farther down the halls of OSPH than ever before and that is a great plus. Love the fact that you can either mount it or connect it with the magnetics (that are very strong btw). Thank you  Ghost Stop for another great product to help us capture those awesome videos.”
– Renee

“Totally Awesome!

This light is a power house. I found no area, indoors or out that this light couldn’t illuminate! Well done GhostStop”
– Tim

“Best IR Light Out There

This light is awesome. I was finally able to use it to its full glory at the Hinsdale House. That light lit up the room perfectly.  Can’t wait to go through the footage and see if it helped catch anything with the added distance and spread. A fantastic light!”
– Jeff

“Possibly the Only Ghost Hunting Light You’ll Need

I was very excited to receive this light and was not disappointed! The quality of the build is excellent and the size is perfect. What I found out when using IR and Full spectrum combined with one of the lights ( example: Red) allows the user to be able to see where they are going and not be in total darkness relying on the cameras view finder. I love this light and will definitely buy a few more soon.”
– Linda

“Best light by far!

I was excited to try this light out. IR performance is amazing and is the best I have seen thus far. Other lighting features such as adjustable color and intensity are top notch. I highly recommend the Phasm light.”
– Jeremy

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