Night vision, full spectrum color and total control.

Phasm is the first and only light to offer so many lighting options in the palm of your hand. Whether you need night vision infrared, ultraviolet, various colors or all of those at the same time for one stunning blanket of light, this illuminator does it all. On the back, you’ll find controls providing meticulous control over which lights to use and adjust brightness. Attach this light to any standard tripod or bracket or magnetize it to anything metal for awesome flexibility. With this smart magnet system, you can snap multiple lights together to create a larger panel of illumination.

Stunning Light

Whether you need infrared for night vision or various colors, Phasm offers it all with a wide angle projection for a stunning blanket of light.

Flexible Mounting

Mounts to standard tripods and mounting systems, magnetize to anything metal or snap multiple lights together for a large panel of lighting.


Long-life battery with quick recharging via USB. Plug it into a USB power pack or outlet for unlimited use.

Control it all

Phasm provides controls on the back to select the type of light and brightness to suit your needs with a lit display of settings and status.

“Totally Awesome! This light is a power house. I found no area, indoors or out that this light couldn’t illuminate!”

See some Phasm reviews and discover why it’s the top-rated device of its kind as chosen BY investigators, like yourself.

Stunning light and options.

  • Full spectrum light with infrared night vision, ultraviolet and visible color
  • Full control over light selection, brightness and color
  • Wide angle spread for ultimate light coverage
  • Unique magnetic and tripod mounting system
  • Rechargeable battery and plug for unlimited power

Don’t be fooled by the size. The amount of light projected from this device in the palm of your hand will amaze you. Phasm is packed with 65 high power LEDs that pack a powerful punch of infrared IR, UV and visible color (RGB) light. 

Ultra wide angle LEDs provide full coverage for the entire camera area with no problem with no ‘spot’ effect and even spread.

You are in control.

Take full control of all your light. Sometimes you just want to use infrared for night vision. Other times you may want to blanket the room with color. Do it all with one light. 

User Controls
  • Infrared on/off switch
  • Ultraviolet on/off switch
  • Brightness slider
  • Color selector switch
  • Power button
Display Screen
  • Infrared light status
  • Ultraviolet light status
  • Brightness percentage (0-100%)
  • Color selection display
  • Battery status and charging indicator

Magnetic mounting and beyond.

Firstly, yes you can mount this light to a standard tripod or bracket. For hotshoes you can use a hotshoe/tripod mount adapter for any standard mounting flexibility. Phasm utilizes a metal threaded mount on the bottom for securely attaching to a standard tripod or threaded bracket.

But that’s where ‘standard’ ends. 

Phasm utilizes an array of powerful magnets on each side, top and bottom for super flexibility in mounting choices. Built-in powerful magnets snap Phasm lights together for a secure grip with no hassle. You can even mount it to magnetic surfaces like on a refrigerator, window frame, car door or one of those magnetic phone mounts. There may be cases where you don’t have a tripod available or the flexibility of using tape to mount things on location. Just find a metal surface and zap Phasm into place.

Rechargeable long-life battery.

This light utilizes technology accessing the most power possible with a long battery life, battery indication display and simple recharging. Phasm utilizes a standard USB port for charging. Plug it into any USB for a quick charge or keep it plugged into an outlet or USB battery pack for unlimited use.


The infrared (IR) light on this product are virtually invisible to the naked eye. To take advantage of night vision capabilities, you must have a full spectrum or night vision camera. See the ‘Directions’ tab above for details.